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Welcome to Mass Solar. Suppose you are interested in our services or have any questions fill out the form. Please watch the explainer video above to understand how we work and see if we can help you.

Our Promise to You

With the 30% federal solar tax credit being extended through 2032, that is excellent news for all homeowners.
Installing solar can be very stressful, but we make it easy.
Mass Solar has partnered with multiple energy consultants and solar companies so that you sit back and relax while we do all the work for you.
We guarantee 100% to have the best deals available in your area. 


Solar Timeline 2-5 months

Paperwork and Design

One of our sales representatives will show the homeowner the different options/designs available in the area.

If happy with the design, savings, and production, we will help them get qualified by filling out the necessary paperwork.
House Survey

A licensed technician will then do a no cost evaluation of your home, they will check the quality of the roof, the electrical panel and sun exposure. Based on these 3 qualifications, the company will then determine if there are any upgrades that have to be made.

Permits and Utility Approval

If everything checks out well with the technician, we will then submit the necessary permits to the city for the installation of solar. We will also submit the application to the utility company. 


Once the permit has been approved by the city and the utility company approves the ICA application, we will then schedule the installation that typically takes 1-2 days to install.

Permission to Operate

If the installation has been completed, an inspector would make sure everything was installed properly. Once it passes inspection, the utility company will change their meter, and they will grant us permission to operate and turn the system on.


Keep up with the latest news on solar in Massachusetts.

National Grid customers prepare for 64% rate increase Tuesday

BOSTON — National Grid is reminding customers to brace for higher electric rates starting Tuesday, November 1st. Typical residential electric customers will see a 64% rate hike.

Eversource rate hike could raise electric bills in Eastern Mass. by nearly $47 a month

BOSTON - Eversource is proposing a rate hike that could send electric bills in Massachusetts soaring once again.

30% Federal Solar Tax Credit Extended Through 2032

In an unexpected yet welcome move, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 increased the Residential Clean Energy Credit t0 30% and extends it until the end of 2032.


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Frequently asked questions

These are the top 6 questions homeowners have about solar.

The answer is yes, absolutely, you will save money regardless of the option you choose. Homeowners are saving anywhere from 25-60% on their electric bill.

There are certain programs that allow you go to solar at no cost, contact us to find out more information. 

Solar power is bad if you happen to work for the electric company. In that case, you most likely don’t want solar power to take off because it takes money out of the electric company’s pocket.

Every time a customer goes solar, that reduces the amount of power that the electric company can sell. While they’ll still charge that customer a connection fee, they don’t get to sell them as much, or possibly any electricity, anymore. When you multiply that by hundreds or even thousands of homes and businesses on one utility, it starts to add up pretty quickly.

It all depends on how much electricity you use yearly and how much roof space you have available. Every home is different, so we recommend requesting a design to know 100%.

Checking to see if your house qualifies does not cost you anything and you are not committing to anything by requesting a design.
A design simply shows you if you qualify based on how much sun exposure your home has, how many panels are needed to power your house and what the savings would be.

If you sell your home, the agreement will easily be transferred to the new homeowners.

We will see if it makes financial sense for the company to help with the upgrades whether it’s a roof, electrical panel or tree removal.

The best Solar deals in Massachusetts! Explore your alternatives and make the right decision.

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